DCM 2740 ~ 37100

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Double Column Machining Centers

The safe and reliable double column structure is optimized for the high-precision machining for heavy parts and components

Ultra-large-sized Five-face Double Column Machining Center– Rough and fine machining

– Parts and mold machining

– Diverse applications

– Diverse spindles for applications

– Easy setup guidance for heavy workpieces

– Weight balancer II and DAFC for automatically responding to changes in the machining load and weight of heavy workpieces

Thông tin kỹ thuật

lassificationUnitDCM 2740 ~ 37100
Effective Width between Columnsmm2700 ~ 3700
X-axis Travel
(Table Longitudinal)
mm4250 ~ 10250
Table Sizemm4100 x 2200 ~ 10100 x 3200
Max. Spindle Speedr/min6000
Max. Spindle Motor PowerkW25
Tooling Tapertaper50

* Product specifications are subject to change depending on additional functions and options.


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