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The combined turning center is armed with the functions of a lathe and a machining center. Complicated parts of diverse shapes can be turned only with a unit and one setup.

Process-intensive Combined Turning Center– The combined turning machine having the functions of both turning and machining centers can fully turn workpieces via one setting

– Max. turning length: 1540mm

– High-precision built-in spindle + milling spindle and ATC device comparable to those of machining centers

– 5-axis free-form surface turning (5-axis control: option) via the 0.001 degree control (B-axis)

Thông tin kỹ thuật

ClassificationUnitPUMA MX2600T
Max. Turning Diametermm760
Max. Turning Lengthmm1500 Class
Standard Chuck Size
(Left / Right Spindle)
inch10 / 10
Bar Working Diametermm76
Max. Spindle Speedr/min4000
Max. Spindle Motor PowerkW26
Milling Spindle Speedr/min12000
Y-axis Travelmm230 (±115)
Machining CapabilityT, ST
Capability DescriptionS : Sub-spindle
T : Lower turret

* Product specifications are subject to change depending on additional functions and options.


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