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The most productive and powerful machines on the market

Main advantages

  • Unique productivity thanks to 4 independent tool systems
  • Motor power.
  • Flexibility enabling the production of the most complex workpieces thanks to the modular tool system
  • B axis (EvoDECO 16)                                           
Tiêu đề
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The EvoDECO range represents the pinnacle of the Tornos range. Designed for the most demanding machining operations and users, EvoDECO machines are the most powerful and productive on the market. They are available in 4 diameters: 10 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm and 32 mm. Their unparalleled flexibility allows them to efficiently produce the most complex workpieces while ensuring rapid setup changes.

Max cutting lenght180
Max cutting diameter16
Bar capacity16
Dimension l x w x h2135 x 1250 x 2004

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