Multi Sigma and Multi Alpha

Sku: Multi Sigma and Multi Alpha
Vendor: Cybertech
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Multi-spindle machines for the most demanding workpieces on the market

Main advantages

  • 8 powered spindles with independent spindle speeds
  • Secondary operation and 2 workpieces per cycle
  • Integral palletization
  • High precision
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Outstanding productivity
  • Twin and independent secondary operations*
  • 2 numeric manipulators*
  • Integral palletization*
  • Great swarf removal thanks to a shorter slide*
  • Chucker*


This range of machines is perfectly equipped to produce highly demanding parts. This complete, global high-performance solution is characterised by its high precision, easily accessible work zones, bar feeder and swarf management system. The two machines differ in terms of secondary operations: these are totally independent on the MultiAlpha, while they take place on the central slide on the MultiSigma. Both models can be equipped with up to 2 counter spindles; on the MultiAlpha 8×28, these enable operation with 5 tools, each on 3 numeric axes.

Tiêu đề
Hotline sales support 24/7: (+84) 24 3764 8882

 MultiSigma 8×28MultiAlpha 8×28
Maximum diameter


Max. workpiece length


90 (140)90 (140)
Number of linear axes


24 (28)24 (28)
Number of rotating axes


9 (13)9 (13)
Maximum number of tools in secondary operation 2 (4)2 (4)
Maximum number of rotating tools in secondary operation 3 (6)


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