Puma AW II series

Sku: Puma AW560Ⅱ, Puma AW660 Ⅱ, Puma AW560MFⅡ
Vendor: Cybertech
Status: Stocking

The PUMA AW560Ⅱ/ 660 Ⅱ/ 560MFⅡ models are Doosan Machine Tools"
next generation wheel processing turning centers, with powerful and stable cutting performance and enhanced chip disposal efficiency and cutting stability.


Powerful Cutting, Wide Machining Area

Optimized for turning shafts (crank shafts, etc.) via simultaneous turning for upper/lower turrets.

Max. Turning diameter: Ф650mm (PUMA AW660II)


Enhanced Chip Disposal and Maintenance Efficiency

Easy for chip disposal, efficient lubrication system, and good maintainability of the air units


User Convenience

The distance between machine front and spindle is minimized for operator's convenience. The center can be integrated with various automation systems.


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