Sku: PUMA TL2500
Vendor: Cybertech
Status: Stocking

Equipped with upper and lower turrets,
the PUMA TL Series is perfect for shaft work such as camshafts
and crankshafts where simultaneous 4-axis work is required.


20 Stations = 12+8 Turret stations

The PUMA TL multi-turret turning center allows parallel
processing of components. This reduces cycle times, unlike
single-turret machines.


Optimized for turning shafts
(crank shafts, etc.)
via simultaneous turning
for upper/lower turrets

The robust triangular frame on the PUMA TL houses a powerful
and versatile spindle motor. From precise finishing to high
powered metal removal using both turrets at the same time,
it’s built to thrive in your production environment.

Programmable tailstock application ensures stable machining


Machining Flexibility

Accuracy and time saving bu virtue of a single set up

Unmannes operation by automation support

Less floor space and increased productivity

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