Puma TW series

Sku: Puma TW2100GL, Puma TW2600GL,Puma TS2100GL, Puma TS2600GL
Vendor: Cybertech
Status: Stocking

The PUMA TW has parallel twin spindles and twin live tool turret construction, which makes it well suited for production automotive jobs like a ring gear or clutch boss applications.


Superior Productivity

Unrivaled productivity due to minimized idle time with minimized gantry loader handling time and increased indexing speed with serv odriven turret.

Superior Machining Performance

3-Axis Turret Size Enlargement Option

PUMA TW2600M: BMT 65P option :

Motor power 10kW, Torque 63.7N.m, Max. Tap size Ø20mm


High Speed Gantry Loader

Gantry loader handling time (Enter->Change Work->Exit)

PUMA TW/TS2100-GL: 5.7s

PUMA TW/TS2600-GL: 7.9s


Improved User Convenience

Built-in Doosan Loader Guidance software for easy and convenient Gantry Loader operation and machine maintenance.

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