Sku: PUMA V400P
Vendor: Cybertech
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If you have minimal floor space but require serious machining,
the PUMA V400 Series is your best bet. It’s built with boxways for heavy duty cutting, and best of all, the machine does its thing while using just a 58" x 82" footprint.


Large work zone

Max. Chuck size : 24inch (Option)

Max. turning diameter of Ø 830mm


Highest Power and Machining Performance in its Class

Spindle motor provides 45 kW and 2592 N.m of power and torque (Option)

Highly reliable servo-driven turret that maintains highest level of accuracy
and reliability during long periods of operation.

Automatic tool changer (option)


Improved Operational Efficiency, Including Chip Disposal and Operation Panel

The bed structure has been redesigned to facilitate the efficient disposal of high volumes of chips.

the height of the operation panel can be adjusted for optimum convenience. Fixed type pendants are also available to suit customers’ requirements.

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