Puma VAW7500

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Vendor: Cybertech
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The PUMA VAW7500 Series maximizes wheel machining productivity with
twin powerful turrets. With an ability to maintain the high cutting capacity of the preceding models, its machining performance has been greatly enhanced.


Large Machining Area

Wheel size : 27.5 inch

Max. Turning diameter: Ф720 mm / Turning height: 340 mm


Excellent cutting capacity and reliability for wheel machining

Structural improvement of spindle, carriage system and double servo-driven turrets.

Max. Spindle motor power: 55kW

Turrets : 6 + 6 st.


Easy Chip disposals and Automation ready structure

Easy for massive amount of chip disposals with double chip disposal structure.

Compact installation area and optimized design for automation allow application of gantry or robot system without any structural changes.

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