Based on the past 40 years of growing with customers with a customer-oriented mindset, We will become a reliable partner to become a global top three.

By providing precision machining equipment in high value industries such as automobile, aerospace, and IT, it helped lay the foundation to strengthen manufacturing competitiveness of global industries.


Automobile Industry

Representing the largest portion of demand, this industry requires high-productivity equipment and expands investments in automation equipment due to required cost cutting, the difficulty of securing skilled workers, increased global wages, etc.

Aerospace Industry

Demands for multi-tasking, multi-axis and high-precision machine tools keep increasing as they largely deal with hard-to-cut materials such as titanium and aluminum while prime contractors demand very high technology performance levels.

IT Industry

High speed machine tools that meet the requirements for mass production of smartphones, semiconductors, and others are attracting more and more attentions.

Energy Industry

Machine tools optimized for the machining of pipelines and valves are being more popular and the demand for large machine tools is on the rise.

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