Strippit P

Vendor: Cybertech
Type: Khác
Status: Soldout

Cost-effective punching

Strippit P is a cost-effective punching machine that’s ideal for prototyping and short run applications and for cell manufacturing. The ram system, rugged frame and CNC control deliver tight tolerances and consistent punching accuracy. The control is easy to use and operate.

  • 33-station turret
  • 20 tons of punching force 
  • 1250 x 1250 mm, 1250 x 2500 mm, 1525 x 3050 mm formats


33-station turret

A 33-station turret features two 88.9 mm stations and three 50.8 mm stations. Every station has the flexibility to accept shaped or round punches and dies

Forming flexibility

A generous 25 mm feed clearance distance between upper and lower turret facilitates forming operations.

Smart Clamp

Automatically determines work clamp locations based on tool size, providing the smallest possible no punch zones to maximize sheet usage.

Quick-change die holders

Die change system offers easy and quick die changes of 15 seconds.

Fanuc control

The renowned Fanuc 0iP control features a self-prompting color display making Strippit P easy to operate.  

CADMAN-P programming software

Powerful CAM software features a number of automated processes such as punch sequencing macros, automatic tool selection, clamp positioning and others to maximize punching machine productivity.



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