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Intelligent programming

CADMAN-B uses LVD’s intelligent bending database for accurate, efficient programming. CADMAN-B automatically unfolds the part, expertly calculates press brake bend allowances, creates the 2D DXF file and determines the optimal bend sequence, tooling, tool and gauge positions for reliable bending.

  • Accurate flat pattern layout the first time 
  • Works with STEP and IGES files 
  • Handles complex bending applications for all LVD press brakes and automated bending cells 


Accurate unfolding

By using the actual bend interface of the press brake and LVD’s expert bending database, unfolding is 100% accurate the first time. Unlike other bending software that provides generic unfolding based on material and thickness, CADMAN-B generates the unfolding based on tooling. Even with tooling changes, CADMAN-B is able to determine the correct bend allowance.


Highly automated

Bend programming is easy and reliable with automatic bend sequencing, automated tool selection, tool setup optimization and automatic gauge positioning. Also, automatic definition of inclined, parallel and multi-bends, as well as hemming and preliminary bends.


Optimum bending

CADMAN-B calculates optimal bending per part, per batch or fully automatically using watch mode.


3D simulation

A simulation environment visualises the complete bend process with start to finish collision detection, gauge positions and tool setups. 


Full process integration

Seamlessly links to CADMAN-L or CADMAN-P for 2D part nesting and for the creation of laser cutting and punching programs. Integrates with CADMAN-SDI and CADMAN-JOB to automatically create bend programs in the background. Fully integrated with LVD Touch-B controller. 


Tool preselection

Tool preselection allows you to define your tool preference per material and thickness to minimise tool changes, simplify operator input, and improve production efficiency. 


Robot programming

Connections and plugins are available for CADMAN-SIM.

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