MVS shears

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High cutting accuracy

MVS shears offer high-precision shearing, ideal for demanding sheet metal applications. The guillotine shear features automatic angle and blade holder adjustment and is equipped with touch screen control for convenient parameter setup.

  • Wide application range
  • From 6.35 mm by 3100 mm up to 13 mm by 6200 mm
  • Intuitive touch screen control


Higher cutting accuracy

The robust V-shaped frame and cutting beam compensate for deflection during cutting and  ensure stability and cut line accuracy. Oil cylinder, beam and blade are perfectly in line with the lower blade for high repeatable accuracy.

Automatic shear angle adjustment

The shearing angle can be enlarged or reduced, depending on the job, saving energy and working time.

Adjustable blade holder

The gap between the blades can be adjusted according materials and thicknesses.

Automatic blade clearance

A blade gap adjustment mechanism automatically calculates and optimises blade clearance based on the material and material thickness.

Large throat gap

A large throat size avoids overlap cutting

Backgauge with ball screws 1000 mm

Longer blade life

The parallel-guided hydraulic shearing system can be used for 4-sided cutting and prolongs the service life of the cutting blades.

Wide application range

MVS shears meet the requirements of a broad range of material types and thicknesses, thanks to the adjustable features.

Intuitive touch screen control

An easy-to-use touch screen on swivel arm allows easy input of blade clearance, cutting angle, material, thickness, cutting length and number of sequences and cycles.a




Configure-to-order material handling options

Front supports, sheet followers


Squaring arm


Ball transfer system

Ball transfers mounted on front arm, on squaring arm or on the table simplify material handling.

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