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Exceptional value

With a CS shearing machine, you’re assured of consistent cutting results in a cost-efficient design. Each CS guillotine shear offers exceptional value for general shearing applications.

  • General cutting capacities in mild/stainless steel
  • From 6.35 mm by 3100 mm up to 13 mm by 3100 mm
  • Parallel-guided shearing


Motorised 1000 mm range backgauge

CS models feature a motor-driven backgauge with ball screws. Digital display of backgauge position.


Automatic shear angle adjustment

The shearing angle can be enlarged or reduced, depending on the job, saving energy and working time.


Adjustable blade holder

The gap between the blades can be adjusted based on material and material thickness.


Manual blade clearance

Blade clearance adjustment via hand wheel mounted on the front side of the shear allows the cutting of various materials and sheet thicknesses.


Large throat gap

A large throat size prevents overlap cutting.


Ball transfer system

Front table with integrated transfer balls simplifies material handling.


Longer blade life

The parallel-guided hydraulic shearing system can be used for 4-sided cutting and prolongs the service life of the blades.


Sheet follower

A sheet follower at the rear of the machine is holding the sheet and follows it during cutting.

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