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Flexible punch programming

CADMAN-P is powerful punch CAM software able to handle even the most intricate 2D and 3D parts. CADMAN-P provides complete support for complex punching, forming, bending and taping, advanced nesting with optimization of tool changes and sequencing, as well as pick and sort operations for Flexible Automation (FA-P), and programming for the Strippit Punch-Laser. 

  • Pre-configured and optimized per machine
  • Advanced functions for easier part evacuation
  • Tool expert defines punch and nibbling functions


Powerful features 

Automated features include advanced nesting capabilities and optimization of tool changes and sequencing with automatic punch selection, assignment and tool configuration. 


Advanced drawing module 

Handle simple to complex part programming, including pre-defined forms and corner functions with 3D functionality for form features and bending. 


Tool expert

Defines punch and nibbling functions and supports a range of tooling technology, including multitools, wheel tooling and bending tools (Opti-bend).


Report module

Provides key production data such as nesting overview, total cost and time, nest part quantity.


Process integration

Fully integrated with CADMAN central database. 



Programming automation

Supports automated sheet loading, interactive defining of part pick positions, automatic vacuum cup activation, automatic on the fly calculation of stacking positions and other functions for efficient automated processing. 


Third-party post processors

CADMAN-P supports various models of punching machinery and punch-laser combination equipment with more than 1200 different post processors.


CAD plug-ins

Available for CATIA, SolidWorks, and DSTV software.

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