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Total solution for Cost-Effective Laser Cutting

Puma offers high-productivity laser cutting at a lower total cost of ownership. Designed to operate as economically as possible, Puma is a robust machine able to handle a range of applications to maximize the value of your investment.

  • 3, 6, or 12-kW laser source
  • Automation compatible
  • Sheet size formats of 120" x 60", 160" x 80", and 242" x 80"
  • Smart factory - Industry 4.0 compatible

Loading / unloading

The Puma 3015 features standard automatic shuttle tables.  

Easy access with forklift and available for all our automation systems.

Table change time is only 35 seconds.

Max. sheet weight: 1050kg 
(Steel 3000x1500x30mm)


Extreme rigidity of the closed welded steel construction is crucial in maintaining optimum part accuracy over the full cutting area. 

Strong frame construction is fundamental to the longevity of the machine tool.



Laser cutting performance
Puma cutting speed* (mm/minute)

* The cutting speeds have yet to be confirmed


Lower total cost of ownership
Built by LVD’s Global Manufacturing network. Puma uses field-proven production methodologies in a lower-cost design. The machine features cost-effective components selected for their quality and reliability.

Puma is compatible with all of LVD’s MOVit Laser Automation systems,

All-round performance
Puma provides all-round performance at an affordable price point, processing a wide range material types and thicknesses with high repeatability.

Agility to take oN any job
Designed with cost-effective operation in mind, Puma certainly doesn’t compromise on versatility and offers peace of mind that your cutting operations will run smoothly.

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Hotline sales support 24/7: (+84) 24 3764 8882

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