XC 4000DA- 2SP

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High productivity 2spindle column moving VMC

The XC 4000-2SP 2 spindle vertical machining center is designed to meet the needs of high volume parts production. With 2X12000r/min direct-connected spindles, It provides top class high speed machineing productivity, and by using a mineral cast bed, maintains stability and precision over long periods of production. It is also suitable for use with automated part-loading systems for unmanned running


Structure optimized for high precision and productivity

Apply mineral casting bed to endure high add/dec travel axis.

To optimize durability and stiffness, dual ballscrews are included.


High rigidity·High precision

The tool magazines are positioned at the base od the traveling column to eliminate any effect on high speed machining performance. (Tool storage capacity: 24*2ea / C-T-C : 3.8 sec)

Automatic door optimized for high-speed tool change (LM&Pneumatic cylinder driven)


Flexibility for customization

The XC 4000-2SP is available with a variety of dual table specifications to suit customer’s requirements, and is also suitable for automation using robot or gantry loader.

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